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 +====== Ann Scarecrow; human witch ======
 +{{:​ann.png?​400|Ann Scarecrow}}
 +==== Charactersheet ====
 +  * level 5 » {{:​annscarecrow05.pdf|}}
 +  * level 4 » {{:​annscarecrow04.pdf|}}
 +  * level 3 » {{:​annscarecrow03.pdf|}}
 +==== Speler ====
 +==== Party ====
 +Ann Scarewcrow is de "​Chaotic Good" Heks uit de party [[eliat_party|Eliat,​ het spel]].
 +Toen de partyleden voor het eerst met elkaar optrokken was Ann nog maar 15 jaar jong. Had ze een lengte van 5'​.2"​ (157.5 cm) een gewicht van 89lbs (40,4 kg). Lang zwart haar en ravenzwarte ogen. Haar //​Familiar//​ "​Raaf"​ een raaf (die was te verwachten),​ hield haar op haar pad in de gaten. Ann is als een kleine heks al bezig met [[ann_scarecrow#​internal|"​Brooms Magic"​]] en geen elke vorm van magie zou haar beter gepast hebben. ​
 +De Party wordt geleid door// [[Simon]]//​. Waar zij samen met [[hundra|Hundra]] <​sup>//​([[bjorn|Bjørn]])//</​sup>,​ [[seebo_borrlt|Seebo Borrlt]] <​sup>//​([[bertil|Bertil]])//</​sup>,​ [[tharilith|Tharilith]],​ <​sup>//​([[chiquita|Chiquita]])//</​sup>​ en [[victoria|Victoria Fabricius]] <​sup>//​([[bart|Bart]])//</​sup>​.
 +{{:​ann_scarecrow.jpg?​200|Ann Scarecrow by Reaper}}
 +==== Brooms Magic ====
 +Witches who dabble in this Art have craftily found a way to channel great power into the innocuous looking household broom. Only nonlawful witches may dabble in broom magic.\\ ​
 +**Power:** Enchanted Weapon: The witch may enchant a single broom to act as a +1 magical weapon (that they are automatically proficient with) that does 1d3 bludgeoning damage.\\
 +Alternatively the sweeping end of the broom may be set on fire to act as an ever-burning torch that does 1d4 fire damage, in place of bludgeoning damage, with a successful melee strike. A witch may extinguish the fire on her burning broom at will, but has to find some means of igniting it again.\\
 +A witch may only have one enchanted broom at a time. If a witch'​s broom is lost or destroyed then another may be made. Enchantment time for making a witch'​s broom is 1 week-1 day per class level, but never less than 1 day. The powers a witch'​s broom possesses only function if wielded by the witch who enchanted it, to all others it is merely a normal broom that is strangely resistant to normal damage and fire.\\
 +A witch needs to be within sight of her broom to cast the following spells.\\
 +**Spells:** 0 mage hand, 1 feather fall, 2 levitate, 3 air walk, 4 fly, 5 dimension door, 6 teleport, 7 greater teleport, 8 plane shift, 9 gate
 +=== Witchcraft ===
 +The witch practices witchcraft, magic of charms, deception, insight, and nature. She casts arcane spells without preparation,​ using the sorcerer spell progression. She uses her Charisma score to determine maximum spell level, spell DCs, and bonus spells. However, the witch uses her own spell list, called Witchcraft:
 +== 0 Level: == 
 +cure minor wounds, dancing lights, daze, detect magic, ghost sound, guidance, light, lullaby, mending, message, prestidigitation,​ read magic, virtue
 +== 1st Level: == 
 +cause fear, charm person, command, cure light wounds, disguise self, doom, entangle, faerie fire, hypnotism, lesser confusion, obscuring mist, silent image, sleep
 +== 2nd Level: == 
 +alter self, augury, blindness/​deafness,​ cure moderate wounds, eagle'​s splendor, enthrall, fog cloud, glitterdust,​ gust of wind, minor image, scare, Tasha'​s hideous laughter, whispering wind
 +== 3rd Level: == 
 +arcane sight, bestow curse, call lightning, clairvoyance/​clairaudience,​ contagion, deep slumber, dispel magic, hold person, magic circle against chaos/​evil/​good/​law,​ major image, plant growth, poison, suggestion
 +== 4th Level: == 
 +charm monster, command plants, discern lies, divination, Evard'​s black tentacles, fear, hallucinatory terrain, neutralize poison, polymorph, remove curse, remove disease, scrying, tongues
 +== 5th Level: == 
 +baleful polymorph, break enchantment,​ control winds, dominate person, dream, feeblemind, greater command, hold monster, magic jar, mind fog, mirage arcana, nightmare, wall of thorns
 +== 6th Level: == 
 +animate objects, control weather, dismissal, eyebite, flesh to stone, forbiddance,​ geas/quest, mass suggestion, mislead, project image, spellstaff, true seeing, veil
 +== 7th Level: == 
 +creeping doom, finger of death, greater scrying, insanity, liveoak, transport via plants, vision
 +== 8th Level: == 
 +binding, discern location, horrid wilting, mass charm monster, polymorph any object, power word: stun, trap the soul
 +== 9th Level: ==
 +dominate monster, foresight, mass hold monster, shapechange,​ storm of vengeance, wail of the banshee, weird
 +=== Class Features ===
 +All of the following are class features of the witch.
 +Weapons and Armor Proficiency:​ Witches are proficient with the club, dagger, dart, and quarterfstaff. They are not proficient with any type of armor or with shields. ​
 +  - Dabble, Familiar, Vulnerability,​ Witchcraft
 +  - --
 +  - Cauldroncraft
 +  - --
 +  - Trackless Step
 +  - Bewitch [1/day]
 +  - Hex [1/day]
 +  - --
 +  - --
 +  - Dabble
 +  - --
 +  - Bewitch [2/day]
 +  - Coven
 +  - Hex [2/day]
 +  - --
 +  - --
 +  - --
 +  - Bewitch [3/day]
 +  - --
 +  - Ageless, Dabble
 +== Source "​Brooms Magic" en meer info over heksen ==
 +  * http://​​go/​thread/​view/​75882/​19526430/​The_WITCH_Core_Class
 +  * http://​​2004/​05/​witchdd-core-class.html
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