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 +====== Dark Elf Language ======
 +===== Drow Phrases =====
 +^Drow Phrase^Vertaling^
 +|Jal khaless zhah waela.| All trust is foolish.|
 +|Oloth zhah tuth abbil lueth ogglin.| Darkness is both friend and enemy.|
 +|Xun izil dos phuul quarthen lueth dro.| Do as you are told and live.|
 +|Lolth tlu malla. Jal ultrinnan zhah xundus.| Lolth be praised. All victory is her doing.|
 +|Ilharess/ Ilhar zhaunil alurl.| Matron/ Mother knows best.|
 +|Lil alurl velve zhah lil velkyn uss.| The best knife is the unseen one.|
 +|Lil waela lueth waela ragar brorna- lueth wund nind kyorlin elghinn.| The foolish and unwary find surprises- and among them waiting death.|
 +|Khaless nau uss mzild taga dosstan.| Trust no-one more than yourself.|
 +|Nindyn vel'​uss kyorl nind ratha thalra elghinn dal lil alust.| Those who watch their backs meet death from the front.|
 +|Ulu z'hin maglust dal Qu'​ellar lueth Valsharess zhah ulu z'hin wund lil phalar.| To walk apart from House and Queen is to walk into the grave.|
 +|Kyorl jal bauth, kyone, lueth lil Quarvalsharess xal belbau dos lil belbol del elendar dro.| Watch all about, warily, and the Godess may give you the gift of continued life.|
 +|Vel'​uss zhaun alur taga lil Quarvalsharess?​| Who knows better than the Godess?|
 +|Vendui'​| I/ We greet you.|
 +|Aluve'​| I/ We leave you.|
 +|Zhaunil dal Waerr'​ess.| Knowledge from deceipt [VDVM motto].|
 +|Dal ultrinnan ulu el'​inssrigg.| From victory to an inn [battle cry].|
 +|Ssinssrigg lueth Belaern.| Lust and Profit [House of Pleasure motto].|
 +|Jiv'​elgg lueth jiv'​undus phuul jivvin.| Torture and pain are fun.|
 +|Ssussun pholor dos! Ssussun! (shortened)| Light upon you! [curse to Drow].|
 +|Oloth plynn dos! Oloth dos! (shortened).| Darkness take you! [curse to non-Drow]|
 +|{House Name} ultrin!| {House Name} supreme! [battle cry]|
 +|A'dos quarth!| At your command!|
 +|Lloth kyorl dos (d'​jal).| Lloth guard you (you all).|
 +===== Special words =====
 +|alartae |greater tentacle rod|
 +|DRAGAZHAR|Underdark bat|
 +|DRIDER |Half-spider/​Half-Drow abomination|
 +|jilorbb|jade spider|
 +|llarl |adamantine arm|
 +|MYRLOCHAR|Soul Spider (Minion of Lloth)|
 +|olartae|lesser tentacle rod|
 +|orbdrin|spider mask|
 +|orlenggin|sacrificial altar|
 +|orshal |sacrificial chalice|
 +|orvelve|sacrificial spider dagger|
 +|qu'​ilinsar|House insignia|
 +|sithyrr|Drow hand crossbow|
 +|ulartae|master tentacle rod|
 +|YOCHLOL|Handmaiden of Lloth|
 +===== Drow alphabet =====
 +===== Drow names =====
 +<columns 100% first column left attributes 50%>
 +==== Prefixes ====
 +^Drow female/ male^Vertaling^
 +|Akor/Alak| Beloved, best, first|
 +|Alaun/​Alton| Lightning, powerful|
 +|Aly/Kel| Legendary, singing, song|
 +|Ang/Adin| Beast, monstrous, savage|
 +|Ardul/​Amal| Blessed, divine, godly|
 +|Aun/Ant| Crypt, dead, deadly, death|
 +|Bae/Bar| Fate, fated, luck, lucky|
 +|Bal/​Bel|Burned,​ burning, fire, flame|
 +|Belar/​Bruh|Arrow,​ lance, pierced|
 +|Briz/​Berg|Graceful,​ fluid, water, wet|
 +|Bur/​Bhin|Craft,​ crafty, sly|
 +|Chal/​Chasz|Earth,​ stable|
 +|Char/​Kron|Sick,​ venom, venomed|
 +|Chess/​Cal|Noble,​ lady/lord|
 +|Dhaun|Infested,​ plague|
 +|Dil/​Dur|Cold,​ ice, still|
 +|Dirz/​Div|Dream,​ dreaming, fantasy|
 +|Dris/​Riz|Ash,​ dawn, east, eastern|
 +|Eclave/​Elk|Chaos,​ mad, madness|
 +|Elvan/​Kalan|Elf,​ elven, far, lost|
 +|Elv/​Elaug|Drow,​ mage, power|
 +|Erel/​Rhyl|Eye,​ moon, spy|
 +|Ethe/​Erth|Mithril,​ resolute|
 +|Faer/​Selds|Oath,​ sworn, vow|
 +|Felyn/​Fil|Pale,​ thin, weak, white|
 +|Filf/​Phar|Dwarf,​ Dwarven, treacherous|
 +|Gauss/​Orgoll|Dread,​ fear, feared, vile|
 +|G'​eld|Friend,​ spider|
 +|Ghuan|Accursed,​ curse, unlucky|
 +|Gin/​Din|Berserk,​ berserker, orc, wild|
 +|Grey/​Gul|Ghost,​ pale, unloving|
 +|Hael/​Hatch|Marked,​ trail, way|
 +|Hal/​Sol|Deft,​ nimble, spider|
 +|Houn/​Rik|Magic,​ trail, way|
 +|Iliv/​Dip|Liege,​ war, warrior|
 +|Ilm|Life, living, spirit, soul|
 +|Illiam/​Im|Devoted,​ heart, love|
 +|In/​Sorn|Enchanted,​ spell|
 +|Ilph|Emerald,​ green, lush, tree|
 +|Irae/​Ilzt|Arcane,​ mystic, wizard|
 +|Irr/​Izz|Hidden,​ mask, masked|
 +|Iym/​Ist|Endless,​ immortal|
 +|Jhan/​Duag|Shield,​ warded|
 +|Jhael/​Gel|Ambitious,​ clan, kin, family|
 +|Jhul/​Jar|Charmed,​ rune, symbol|
 +|Jys/​Driz|Hard,​ steel, unyielding|
 +|Lael/​Llt|Iron,​ west, western|
 +|Lar/​Les|Binding,​ bound, law, lawful|
 +|LiNeeer/​Mourn|Legend,​ legendary, mythical|
 +|Lird/​Ryld|Brand,​ branded, owned, slave|
 +|Lua/​Lyme|Bright,​ crystal, light|
 +|Mal/​Malag|Mystery,​ secret|
 +|May/​Mas|Beautiful,​ beauty, silver|
 +|Micar|Lost,​ poison, widow|
 +|Min/​Ran|Lesser,​ minor, second|
 +|Mol/​Go|Blue,​ storm, thunder, wind|
 +|Myr/​Nym|Lost,​ skeleton, skull|
 +|Nath/​Mer|Doom,​ doomed, fate|
 +|Ned/​Nad|Cunning,​ genius, mind, thought|
 +|Nhil/​Nal|Fear,​ horrible, horror, outraged|
 +|Neer|Core, root, strong|
 +|Null/​Nil|Sad,​ tear, weeping|
 +|Olor/​Omar|Skin,​ tattoo, tattooed|
 +|Pellan/​Relon|North,​ platinum, wind|
 +|Phaer/​Vorn|Honour,​ honoured|
 +|Phyr/​Phyx|Bless,​ blessed, blessing|
 +|Qualn/​Quil|Mighty,​ ocean, sea|
 +|Quar|Aged, eternal, time|
 +|Quav/​Quev|Charmed,​ docile, friend|
 +|Qil/​Quil|Foe,​ goblin, slave|
 +|Rauv/​Welv|Cave,​ rock, stone|
 +|Ril/​Ryl|Foretold,​ omen|
 +|Sabal/​Szor|Amber,​ yellow|
 +|Sab/​Tsab|Abyss,​ empty, void|
 +|Shi`n/​Kren|Fool,​ foolish, young|
 +|Shri/​Ssz|Silk,​ silent|
 +|Shur/​Shar|Dagger,​ edge, stiletto|
 +|Shynt|Invisible,​ skilled, unseen|
 +|Sin/​Szin|Festival,​ joy, pleasure|
 +|Ssap/​That|Blue,​ midnight, night|
 +|Susp/​Spir|Learned,​ skilled, wise|
 +|Talab/​Tluth|Burn,​ burning, fire|
 +|Tal/​Tar|Love,​ pain, wound, wounded|
 +|Triel/​Taz|Bat,​ winged|
 +|T'​riss/​Teb|Blade,​ sharp, sword|
 +|Ulviir/​Uhls|Gold,​ golden, treasure|
 +|Umrae/​Hurz|Faith,​ faithful, true|
 +|Vas/​Vesz|Blood,​ body, flesh|
 +|Vic|Abyss, deep, profound|
 +|Vier/​Val|Black,​ dark, darkness|
 +|Vlon/​Wod|Bold,​ hero, heroic|
 +|Waer/​Wehl|Deep,​ hidden, south, southern|
 +|Wuyon/​Wruz|Humble,​ third, trivial|
 +|Xull/​Url|Blooded,​ crimson, ruby|
 +|Xun|Demon, fiend, fiendish|
 +|Yas/​Yaz|Riddle,​ spinning, thread, web|
 +|Zar/​Zakn|Dusk,​ haunted, shadow|
 +|Zebey/​Zek|Dragon,​ lithe, rage, wyrm|
 +|Zes/​Zez|Ancient,​ elder, respected|
 +|Zilv/​Vuz|Forgotten,​ old, unknown|
 +<​newcolumn second column left attributes>​
 +==== Suffixes ====
 +^Drow female/male ^Vertaling^
 +|-a/​-agh |Breaker,​ destruction,​ end, omega|
 +|-ace/​-as |Savant,​ scholar, wizard|
 +|-ae/​-aun |Dance,​ dancer, life, player|
 +|-aere/​-d |Blood,​ blood of, heir|
 +|-afae/​-afein |Bane,​ executioner,​ slayer|
 +|-afay/​-aufein |Eyes,​ eyes of, seeress/​seer|
 +|-ala/​-launim |Healer,​ priestess/​priest|
 +|-anna/​-erin |Advisor,​ counsellor to|
 +|-arra/​-atar |Queen/​prince,​ queen of/prince of|
 +|-aste |Bearer,​ keeper, slaver|
 +|-avin/​-aonar |Guardian,​ guard, shield|
 +|-ayne/​-al |Lunatic,​ maniac, manic, rage|
 +|-baste/​-gloth |Path,​ walker|
 +|-breena/​-antar |Matriarch/​patriarch,​ ruler|
 +|-bryn/​-lyn |Agent,​ assassin, killer|
 +|-cice/​-roos |Born of, Child, young|
 +|-cyrl/​-axle |Ally,​ companion, friend|
 +|-da/​-daer |Illusionist,​ trickster|
 +|-dia/​-drin |Rogue,​ stealer|
 +|-diira/​-diirn |Initiate,​ sister/​brother|
 +|-dra/​-zar |Lover,​ match, mate|
 +|-driira/​-driirn |Mother/​father,​ teacher|
 +|-dril/​-dorl |Knight,​ sword, warrior|
 +|-e |Servant,​ slave, vassal|
 +|-eari/​-erd |Giver,​ god, patron|
 +|-eyl |Archer,​ arrow, flight, flyer|
 +|-ffyn/​-fein |Minstrel,​ singer, song|
 +|-fryn |Champion,​ victor, weapon, weapon of|
 +|-iara/​-ica |Baron,​ duke, lady/lord|
 +|-ice/​-eth |Obsession,​ taker, taken|
 +|-idil/​-imar |Alpha,​ beginning, creator of, maker|
 +|-iira/​-inid |Harbinger,​ herald|
 +|-inidia |Secret,​ wall, warder|
 +|-inil/​-in |Lady/​lord,​ rider, steed|
 +|-intra |Envoy,​ messenger, prophet|
 +|-isstra/​-atlab |Acolyte,​ apprentice, student|
 +|-ithra/​-irahc |Dragon,​ serpent, wyrm|
 +|-jra/​-gos |Beast,​ biter, stinger|
 +|-jss |Scout,​ stalker|
 +|-kacha/​-kah |Beauty,​ hair, style|
 +|-kiira/​-raen |Apostle,​ disciple|
 +|-lay/​-dyn |Flight,​ flyer, wing, wings|
 +|-lara/​-aghar |Cynic,​ death, end, victim|
 +|-lin |Arm,​ armour, commander|
 +|-lochar |Messenger,​ spider|
 +|-mice/​-myr |Bone,​ bones, necromancer,​ witch|
 +|-mur'​ss |Shadow,​ spy, witness|
 +|-na/​-nar |Adept,​ ghost, spirit|
 +|-nilee/​-olil |Corpse,​ disease, ravager|
 +|-niss/​-nozz |Chance,​ gambler, game|
 +|-nitra/​-net |Kicker,​ returned, risen|
 +|-nolu |Art,​ artist, expert, treasure|
 +|-olin |Ascension,​ love, lover, lust|
 +|-onia/​-onim |Rod,​ staff, token, wand|
 +|-oyss/​-omph |Binder,​ judge, law, prison|
 +|-qualyn |Ally,​ caller, kin|
 +|-quarra/​-net |Horde,​ host, legion|
 +|-quiri/​-oj |Aura,​ cloak, hide, skin|
 +|-ra/​-or |Fool,​ game, prey, quarry|
 +|-rae/​-rar |Secret,​ seeker, quest|
 +|-raema/​-orvir |Crafter,​ fist, hand|
 +|-raena/​-olvir |Center,​ haven, home|
 +|-riia/​-rak |Chaos,​ storm, tempest|
 +|-ril |Bandit,​ enemy, raider, outlaw|
 +|-riina/​-ree |Enchanter,​ mage, spellcaster|
 +|-ryna/​-oyn |Follower,​ hired, mercenary|
 +|-ryne/​-ryn |Blooded,​ elder, experienced|
 +|-shalee/​-ral |Abjurer,​ gaze, watch, watcher|
 +|-ssysn/​-rysn |Artifact,​ sorcerer, spell|
 +|-stin/​-trin |Clan,​ house, merchant, of the house|
 +|-stra/​-tran |Spider,​ spinner, weaver|
 +|-tana/​-ton |Darkness,​ lurker, prowler|
 +|-thara/​-tar |Glyph,​ marker, rune|
 +|-thrae/​-olg |Charmer,​ leader, seducer|
 +|-tree/​-tel |Exile,​ loner, outcast, pariah|
 +|-tyrr |Dagger,​ poison, poisoner, scorpion|
 +|-ual/​-dan |Speed,​ strider|
 +|-ue/​-dor |Arm,​ artisan, fingers|
 +|-uit/​-dar |Breath,​ voice, word|
 +|-une/​-dinn |Diviner,​ fate, future, oracle|
 +|-uque |Cavern,​ digger, mole, tunnel|
 +|-urra/​-dax |Nomad,​ renegade, wanderer|
 +|-va/​-ven |Comrade,​ honour, honoured|
 +|-vayas |Forge,​ forger, hammer, smith|
 +|-vyll |Punishment,​ scourge, whip, zealot|
 +|-vrae/​-vyr |Mistress/​master,​ overseer|
 +|-wae/​-hrae |Heir,​ inheritor, princess|
 +|-wiira/​-hriir |Seneschal of steward|
 +|-wyss/​-hrys |Best,​ creator, starter|
 +|-xae/​-zaer |Orb,​ rank, ruler, sceptre|
 +|-xena/​-zen |Cutter,​ gem, jewel, jeweller|
 +|-xyra/​-zyr |Sage,​ teller|
 +|-yl |Drow,​ woman/man|
 +|-ylene/​-yln |Handmaiden/​squire,​ maiden/​youth|
 +|-ymma/​-inyon  ​       |Drider, feet, foot, runner|
 +|-ynda/​-yrd |Captain,​ custodian, marshal, ranger|
 +|-ynrae/​-yraen |Heretic,​ reel, riot, void|
 +|-vrae |Architect,​ founder, mason|
 +|-yrr |Protector,​ rival, wielder|
 +|-zyne/​-zt |Finder,​ hunter|
 +===== Drow dictionary =====
 +<columns 100% first column left attributes 50%>
 +==== Common to Drow ====
 +==== A ====
 +|a|natha(seldom used)|
 +|about |bauth|
 +|aim (goal)|ilindith|
 +==== B ====
 +==== C ====
 +|caution (distrust)|ne'​kales|
 +|caution (stealth)|olist|
 +|complete (n)|xundus|
 +|complete (v)|xun|
 +|conqueror (Lloth)|ultrine|
 +==== D ====
 +|dagger |velve|
 +|danger |sreen|
 +|dark |olath|
 +|dart |kyil|
 +|darts |kyilen|
 +|dead |elghinyrr|
 +|death |elghinn|
 +|death (in Lloth'​s name)|streea|
 +|deceit |waerr'​ess|
 +|destiny (of Lloth)|elamshin|
 +|die |el|
 +|distrust (n)|ne'​kales|
 +|distrust (v)|ne'​kalsa|
 +|do |xun|
 +|dodge |bautha|
 +|doing |xunin|
 +|done |xunor|
 +|don'​t |xuat|
 +|door |obsul|
 +|down |harl|
 +|dragon |tagnik'​zur|
 +==== E ====
 +|each |weth|
 +|earth (element) |har'​dro|
 +|eat |cal|
 +|effort |XUND|
 +|either |usbyr|
 +|electricity |nizzre'​|
 +|encounter |THALRA|
 +|endure |ELENDAR|
 +|enemy |OGGLIN|
 +|escape |do'​bauth|
 +|escaping |do'​bauthin|
 +|ESP |z'​talin|
 +|every |ril|
 +|everybody |rilkhel|
 +|everyone |riluss|
 +|everything |rilbol|
 +|evil |verin|
 +|excrement |IBLITH|
 +|expedition |Z'​HIND|
 +|extra |mziln|
 +|eye |sol|
 +|eyes |solen|
 +==== F ====
 +|face |jindurn|
 +|facing |ALUST|
 +|father |ILHARN|
 +|favor |elamshinae|
 +|fawn |s'​lurpp|
 +|fawning |s'​lurppin|
 +|fearless |STREEAKA|
 +|fearlessness |STREEAKA|
 +|female |jalil|
 +|few |stath|
 +|fighting |melee|
 +|fighting (magical) |melaer|
 +|find |RAGAR|
 +|fire |chath|
 +|flame |chath|
 +|flatter |s'​lurpp|
 +|flattering |s'​lurppin|
 +|flesh |siltrin|
 +|food |CAHALLIN|
 +|fool |WAEL|
 +|foolish |WAELA|
 +|for |whol|
 +|force |Z'​RESS|
 +|forefront |ALUST|
 +|forgive |nelgeth|
 +|forgiveness |nelgetha|
 +|friend |ABBIL|
 +|from |DAL (often shortened to da')|
 +|fun |JIVVIN|
 +|future |ulin|
 +==== G ====
 +|gap |OBSUL|
 +|gem |eoul|
 +|get |inbau|
 +|gift |BELBOL|
 +|give |BELBAU|
 +|glass |shanaal|
 +|go |alu|
 +|goal |ILINDITH|
 +|goblet |shanaal|
 +|going |aluin|
 +|goddess (generic) |Quar'​valsharess|
 +|goddess (Lloth) |Quarval-sharess|
 +|gone |alus|
 +|good |bwael|
 +|grace (holy) |elamshinae|
 +|grace |suliss|
 +|graceful |suliss'​urn|
 +|grave (tomb) |PHALAR|
 +|greed |SSINSSRIGG|
 +|group |AKH|
 +|guard |KYORL|
 +|guarding |KYORLIN|
 +|guide (n) |MRIMM|
 +|guide (v) |mrigg|
 +==== H ====
 +|had |inbalus|
 +|hag |elg'​caress|
 +|handsome |ssin'​urn|
 +|have |inbal|
 +|hate |phlith|
 +|he |uk|
 +|head |karliik|
 +|heart |xukuth|
 +|help |xxizz|
 +|her |ilta|
 +|here |ghil|
 +|heresy |og'​elendar|
 +|heretic |og'​elend|
 +|hers |ilt|
 +|herself |iltan|
 +|hidden |VELKYN|
 +|highest |ULTRIN|
 +|highest (Lloth) |ULTRINE|
 +|him |ukta|
 +|himself |uktan|
 +|his |ukt|
 +|hit |zotreth|
 +|hitch |KULG|
 +|hold |mir|
 +|holy |ORTHAE|
 +|honor |bel'​la|
 +|hot |sseren|
 +|house (noble) |QU'​ELLAR|
 +|house (non-noble) |el'​lar|
 +|hurl |LUTH|
 +==== I ====
 +==== J ====
 +==== K ====
 +==== L ====
 +==== M ====
 +==== N ====
 +==== O ====
 +==== P ====
 +==== Q ====
 +==== R ====
 +==== S ====
 +==== T ====
 +==== U ====
 +==== V ====
 +==== W ====
 +==== X ====
 +==== Y ====
 +==== Z ====
 +<​newcolumn second column left attributes>​
 +==== Drow to Common ====
 +==== A ====
 +==== B ====
 +==== C ====
 +==== D ====
 +==== E ====
 +==== F ====
 +==== G ====
 +==== H ====
 +==== I ====
 +==== J ====
 +==== K ====
 +==== L ====
 +==== M ====
 +==== N ====
 +==== O ====
 +==== P ====
 +==== Q ====
 +==== R ====
 +==== S ====
 +==== T ====
 +==== U ====
 +==== V ====
 +==== W ====
 +==== X ====
 +==== Y ====
 +==== Z ====
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