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 +==== Tsoss'​che (magical) ====
 +Description:​ Sold as a liquor, tsoss'​che is made from the combination of webbing from the Tangle Terror and Spiderblood (mushroom wine). It causes a temporary increase in speed and reaction time. But also causes hallucinations blurring everything except the focus point. which may waver also. It is known to last for one to three hours.
 +Type: ingested DC 13.
 +Initial Effect: Act as if under the effects of an Cats Grace spell when on focus and Color Spray spell for everything off focus.
 +Secondary Effect: +2 alchemical bonus to Dexterity for the duration of the drug's effect.
 +Price: 80 gp.
 +Side Effects: Tsoss'​che is a potent stimulant and gives its user a sense of boundless self control.
 +Overdose: If more than one dose is taken in an 8-hour period, the user suffers 2d6 points of damage and is paralyzed for 2d4 minutes. Using it more than three times in any 24-hour period causes 1d4 points of Will damage and paralyzes the user for 2d4 hours.
 +Addiction: High
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